Everyone Can Help Mission Statement

The concept of Everyone Can Help is to endeavor to build a charitable group within a politically divided people, of differing ages, races, colors, creeds, religions, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, marital statuses, class, and financial means, regardless of status with regard to public assistance, disability or familial status. We will create a coalition of all cultures and backgrounds, with the one belief that they are willing to help others in need.

As we witness a time where the greatest country in the history of civilization cannot feed and house it’s own citizens, we believe that we have the responsibility to try find more effective ways for charitable contributions to TRULY make a difference. In forming the idea for Everyone Can help in 2002 –  2003, we had not even witnessed the incredible tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, and the ineffectiveness of the Federal Government’s ability to protect a city, but also a failure on the part of the largest charitable organizations in the country.

We believe there is a better way, and by collaborating with like-minded people and organizations, we will find one. People  are better served by the efforts of the many, rather than the concentrated power of the largest charitable organizations.  We think that to restore America’s moral leadership — and prove again that we lead most effectively not just by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. We need to do this not just for the children of others, but for our own.

Philanthropy is not just a sport for the idle rich. Philanthropy can be viewed on every  little league field,  in every after school program, and at most of the theaters and music halls in the USA. Most people who dedicate their time and money are those who are just getting by financially, but feel a need to help, to teach, and to heal.

We are privileged to have you reading our words, and working with us through the remarkable medium of telecommunications. We can ALL make a difference, Everyone CAN help , and we will.