Our world is far from perfect. Across the globe, millions of men, women and children wrestle daily with poverty, hunger, abuse and other serious challenges. They need help, but they don’t always have access to volunteers or needed supplies. It’s time to break down the walls that separate needy people from the resources that will improve or even save their lives. While there are plenty of caring, driven people in the world who want to make it a better place, they don’t always have the resources they need to truly make an impact. That’s our mission at Everyone Can Help – to build a community of giving that touches hearts and changes lives, one person at a time.

Everyone Can Help: Where Giving Is Fun and Change Is Possible

Passion alone can’t change the world – it needs the right tools. Just like young Pablo Picasso needed a paintbrush and a precocious Thomas Edison relied on the resources of his local library, today’s innovators can’t reach their full potential alone. We know that there’s no end to what a single person can accomplish if they’re truly dedicated to a cause, and we want to help by providing them with an environment where their ideas can grow.

At Everyone Can Help, it’s our goal to serve you. We reach out to community leaders, nonprofit workers and enthusiastic volunteers and invite them to become a part of our community of innovation and givers. We take the goods and professional services that these people bring to our table and we help distribute them to the individuals and communities that want and need them most. Because we want your passion and dedication to grow, we make sure the experience is stress-free, fulfilling and above all, fun.