Our Environment

Everyone Can Help is committed to the environment.

We collect and share information about environmental issues including pollution, and common sense methods to make our world a safer and more beautiful place to live.

All of us can help to make a change- from something as simple as keeping the tires on the family car fully inflated, to thinking about the real cost of electricity, to spreading the word about environmental issues.

For instance, most people understand very little about their landfills, but Landfill gas, which contains methane is a powerful agent of global warming.

Whether methane is created from animal waste, food waste, or sewage treatment, Methane is the second-largest contributor to Global Warming. Methane is actually likely the bigger problem, and there are many different studies which show how effective methane is at trapping heat, and changing the planet’s climate, perhaps irreversibly.

Methane’ first 20 years spent in the atmosphere has 80 times more heat trapping potential fo carbon dioxide.