More and more, families are confronted with the many the forms of Autism, and in the case of someone very dear to us, Asperberger’s Spectrum Syndrome.

To be succinct: a person close to us is named Lydia, and we give you her words: This is a literary self-portrait of a 10 year old girl. Please take the time to support and understand Autism  families affected, either on a large scale, or right in your local community.

My name is Lydia. I have a form of Autism called Aspbergers.

I do not like some things that you use every day. I do not like hand wipes or washing my hands. I cry and whine when hear loud noises like a vacuum cleaner, when my sisters scream together or when the class sings happy birthday to someone. I am a good student and my favorite subject is reading. I am a bookworm too.

I have a hard time making friends. I only have three friends. I do not make eye contact when you talk to me. I stare at the floor. I don’ like when my routine changes, like if my mom doesn’t pick me up from school. I like stuff like you do, like iPads, Wiis and Xboxes. I on’t understand body language, facial expressions and sometime it takes me a minute to understand what you say. I sit alone at lunch.”

Lydia would like people to know that she does have feelings and although she may not react like other kids, she knows when she is being teased, excluded and shunned and it hurts.  Sometimes she will say “I don’t need friends” but that is not true, she longs to be accepted like any other kid.

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