Donation Services

We’re in the business of making a difference, and all of the services provided by Everyone Can Help are focused on that goal. We serve as a hub of knowledge, a line of communication and a bridge to connect people with the organizations that need their help most. Although the work that goes on behind the scenes can be pretty complicated, the easiest way to understand what we do is to split our services into a few categories:

Incoming Donations

Lots of folks think about charitable giving, but it’s not easy for an individual to research acceptable donations for dozens of charities, track down donation centers and the haul items across town. In fact, the process can seem so overwhelming that even people with the best intentions may give up on their donation plans and throw away blankets, books or office supplies that could have made a big impact in the hands of the right charity.

Each group in our network has specific needs – we work with Florida charity organizations and we’re in the process of growing a network of nonprofits throughout the country. We help facilitate connections within our network so that individuals can ensure their gifts go to the organizations that want and need them the most. Individual, group or corporate donations – we help organize them all. We’ll even put you in touch with charities that pick up donations.

Donating should feel good. It should be fun, easy and rewarding. That’s exactly the kind of experience we create with our incoming donations services.

Outgoing Donations

Of course, donations don’t do any good if they’re just collected and stored. Our resources can help make sure donations make it to the individuals, groups and communities that need them the most. If a local art store wants to donate craft supplies, for example, we might connect them to an elementary school with a struggling art program. If a youth group collects a large donation of used clothing, we might help organize a delivery of all those shirts, shoes and shorts to a local homeless shelter.

Because we build such strong relationships with the groups in our network, we can help make sure your donated blanket ends up around the shoulders of a person shivering on the street. We’ll make sure that your paintbrush set is put in the hands of a burgeoning artist in an inner city school. At Everyone Can Help, we work to make sure that every single item that you want to give finds a home with the person who needs it the most, all through simple planning.

Non-Profit Partnering

Creating your own non-profit can be a seriously daunting task. We know what it takes to create and run a charity and we use our knowledge and experience to help you get a strong start. We also work with existing charities that would like to expand their efforts or streamline their business strategies. Our experience in the non-profit sector can be a major asset to a new non-profit, and we want to put our know-how to work for you!

Future Services

As Everyone Can Help continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to offering additional services. In the future, we plan to offer budgeting and administrative support, as well as hiring and volunteering services.

We’ve simplified our work here for the sake of brevity, but we’d love to talk to you more about what we do and how we do it. If you’re interested in giving or receiving donations, contact us to learn more.

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