Every week we have items available for pick up for the charities that join our network.  You can sign up at our Website at  We send out a weekly email to advise the items we have a available Each new organization must provide us with a copy of your 501C3 status.  Last week we had pick ups from:  

Project Phoenix –  The Salvation Army – Charlotte County Homeless Shelter – Church of Macedonia – H.E.L.P. Charlotte County.


Charity donation pick up sign

United Way -Quarterly Meeting 2014

It was a great pleasure meeting some new faces at the United way meeting.  One of the issues we discussed is connecting local Charities to each other.  We have created a Facebook group for our local charities to join at .Our goal is for our local charities to be be able to reach out to each other for items they need and to advise others of items offered to them that they themselves can not utilize.  If you are a South West Florida Charity please join our Facebook group. We have sent invitations to all who attended. As this grows we will create different groups for charities in other areas

Keep America Beautiful

We’re looking forward to Saturday July 5, 2014 Clean up – Please contact us to Volunteer ! A BIG thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who participated in the 2014 Great American Cleanup on Saturday, March 22, 2014.

More than 620 volunteers contributed 1690 hours to collect 4.3 tons of trash at this year’s event!

Dazzling Duets, Do It Dramatically!!

“It’d not hard, it’s just new!” is a popular phrase from my classroom. I hear my older students tell my younger students this sometimes even before I get the chance to.

My students are in a K-8 school. This means they already have some good friends before they get to me. Best friends like to do things together and so duets help them do it musically. While solos can help to strengthen a young musician, small ensembles provide a chance to be among friends while you’re doing it. Sometimes finding an ensemble is tough and so duets can accommodate just about any player and no one gets left out.

Students will be able to play in a duet with another student. These can be performed in concerts, or just in the classroom. Seeing as how we have a K-8 school a duet can “go on the road” during class and share with the younger students how fun it is to be in orchestra. These books allow a wide variety of songs to play and so a small repertoire can build and make it exciting.

When students take on the chance to play solos it strengthens their musical skills. However not everyone feeling confident enough to do that. Duets allow a friend to share the opportunity. They will both grow and it will carry into the large orchestra ensemble, thus improving our whole program.

Dazzling Duets, Do It Dramatically!!.